Contemporary Cuisine with Roots

Progressive. Dynamic. Live.

The spirit of MOD is derived from the Japanese concept of “omakase” or chef’s choice. Dishes are presented as the chef intends, without compromise — but please know that you are in good hands. Each dish is artfully planned, crafted and presented.

Trust is a key ingredient at MOD Restaurant & Social. We trust our guests to be open minded, adventurous, and inquisitive. In return, they can be confident our MOD kitchen team will provide a curated culinary experience that draws on local producers, seasonal ingredients, and a deep passion for mixing modern cooking techniques with Ozark cuisine.

Meet Our Team


Our culinary team, led by Executive Chef Joshua Walters, utilizes artful, rustic, and modern methods to showcase a collaboration of our chefs’ tastes, memories, travels, and favorite ingredients. Our mission is to provide a dynamic experience that representative of our time and culinary heritage. Through this process, we constantly improve the dining experience and reach new heights individually, professionally, and as a team.

When we’re not cooking or mixing libations, we dedicate our time to the people and places that matter most: our team, suppliers, and the Ozarks where we get our inspiration and ingredients. You can also find us on Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram where you’ll get all the latest on MOD Restaurant & Social.

Mario Valdovino

Chef Mario is the Corporate Executive Chef and Director of Culinary Innovations in the Research & Development Department at Tyson Foods, Inc., in Springdale, AR. Mario’s obsession with creating edible art began when he graduated from the University of California. So he headed to San Francisco to attend a small private culinary academy for some hard-core culinary education. Mario combined his culinary mastery and knowledge of food technology as a research chef at Culinary Foods in Chicago. In addition to many awards and accolades, Mario is committed to the development of new food products and is the author of “Chef Formulation and Integration: Ensuring that Great Food and Food Science Work Together”. Mario has also appeared as a guest judge on the popular Food Network show “Chopped.” Developing the best-tasting food comes from the heart – a deep-seated passion for food – not from a cookbook. But being able to take ingredients & foods that has been around for thousands of years and transform it into something amazing is a continuous journey. To understand the foods eaten is to understand the culture of a people – something that Mario takes seriously as he explores foods from around the world. And understanding the culture is what ultimately leads to innovation.

Josh Walters

Josh was fascinated with the culinary arts from the age of nine and has immersed himself in creating the ultimate dining experience ever since. In high school, he worked for a high-end catering company coordinating and executing banquets for 50 to 1,500 guests. He also completed Fort Osage High School’s culinary program and competed in state competitions, placing first in culinary knowledge and second in practical completion.

After graduating, Josh studied culinary arts at Johnson County Community College while working for Executive Chef Andrew Kneessy at Kansas City Country Club. There he became Sous Chef in under two years and attained a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to successfully run a restaurant.

The skills he mastered at Kansas City Country Club include whole animal butchery, extensive menu development, creative direction of multi-course wine dinners, local vendor relationships, inventory management, and more. His personal and professional skills are now being fully actualized as he brings his knowledge and passion to life in the MOD kitchen.

Frank Holthoff

Frank grew up on a farm in Southeast Arkansas amidst thriving livestock and an apple orchard. He fell in love with food while exploring America on horseback with his family. During those travels and on visits to his grandmother in New Orleans, he was exposed to many cooking styles. On top of that, his grand dad was the son of a bootlegger, leading him to a fascination of Prohibition-era cocktails. After college, Frank continued his travels to explore different drinking cultures. When he returned to Arkansas in 2006, he found a home for his passion in the service industry. Today, he’s focused on furthering his knowledge by getting accredited through the court of masters, and he’s committed to mastering craft-centric cocktails. Frank has led craft cocktail programs for all sizes of venues and is excited to bring his expertise to MOD. He’s thrilled at the opportunity to leverage modern culinary techniques at the bar of an establishment that is dedicated to pushing itself. His goal is to constantly elevate the experience, to introduce authentic seasonal cocktails, and to stay true to evolving drinking culture in the Ozarks.

Kyle Haggard

Kyle grew up on a small farm just outside of Centerton, Arkansas where food was thrilling to him from the beginning. For years, he watched his grandmother in her kitchen creating a warm, memorable atmosphere with each meal. On the farm, he got a first-hand perspective on growing local livestock and crops which led to a deep appreciation for the Ozarks and the abundance that the land offers.

Kyle graduated from Bentonville High School and went on to attend the University of Oklahoma for his undergraduate degree. He followed his passion for working with the community by studying public administration with a focus on nonprofit organization and management. During this time, he also worked as a server at a restaurant in Norman, Oklahoma and quickly sprouted an ever-growing passion for hospitality. As he rose through the ranks, he soon found himself in management, eventually supporting and developing multiple restaurants and management teams throughout the region.

After graduation, Kyle’s NWA roots pulled him home, and he is now thrilled to be back and working in such an exciting, growing community. He strives to always provide a dining experience that is vibrant and memorable.

Weekly Fixed Menus

We celebrate the best of the Ozark’s seasonal pantry by creating and curating a weekly menu.